Is a Virtual Office Right For Your Small Business?

virtual-officeThe idea of spending tons of money on a permanent location for a newly formed small business is enough to make any business owner nervous. Such an expense will rapidly eat away at the company’s capital reserves. In a lot of cases, many small businesses do not even use their office space full-time. Then there are all the other expenses compounding the problem, such as leasing office equipment, hiring a receptionist and paying for on-site security costs too. In fact, if these small business owners could get something a little more part-time to serve their needs, these businesses would gladly terminate their lease and enjoy the monthly savings on rent. (more…)

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Five Steps to Launching a Business

new-business-launchLaunching a business is a strategy that many people are considering these days. Such people are business-minded individuals who want to be independent enough to avoid working for another company. A person must carefully consider several things before he or she develops an effective business plan. The following are five steps that a prospective business owner will want to take before he or she launches a business venture: